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D G hotel

Located at the origin of Taipei City, Dadaocheng Wharf and Dihua St., the largest commercial center for tea, fabrics, groceries, and dried goods, D.g. Hotel is near by Yansan Night Market and MRT Dachaotou Station. Different from general Minnan old architectural style, the Company exquisitely establishes a boutique and fashionable hotel combining culture, art, humanistic creativity, and country style.

D.g. Hotel was opened in mid-2016. All the staffs are responsible, capable, passionate, and have belief and vision to pursue a common goal together and serve visitors around the world. The visitors can travel around the old city area and explore the beauty of Taiwan and search for the fun and meaning of traveling under the newly designed environment.

We will thoughtfully and passionately provides a safe, clean, comfortable, cozy space at a reasonable price for the travelers from far away to feel the beauty of everything.

The Company owns an excellent operation tea, cares about each member fighting for the same goal together, and creates the most beautiful views of Taiwan.